About Us

Welcome to UTAC-SPORTS!

U-TAC stands for U-TAPAO ADVENTURE CLUB. Prior to this, special consultant of U-TAC Sport Company has conducted activities for a long time, government agencies such as Naval Aviation Division. Which is located at U-Tapao Airport But with more activities for agility and easier to manage Therefore changed the business direction more and became a commercial registration under the name Utac Sport Management and Media Company Limited on 12 April 2016

 Is responsible for managing and operating recreational activities, sports and media, with a focus on government agencies and the private sector It also has its own activities such as triathlon, road running, trail running, swimming, open water swimming and others.

 In addition, U-TAC Sport is open to conducting recruitment in various activities. Rent equipment, organize activities and give advice on various activities.


     • Jointly develop sporting events in Thailand
     • Encouraging sports competitions with sportsmanship
     • Encourage the general public to become more interested in sports and participate in sport competitions.
     • Promote social activities to occur in each activity
     • Encouraging Thailand Is a suitable place to organize international competition
     • Encourage the organization of sporting events along with nature. And tourism
     • Promoting an image for sponsors who are supporters of challenging sports
     • Promoting the image of the sponsors of the competition Which is involved with modern lifestyles, love health, travel and experience new experiences
     • Promoting the image of the sponsors of the competition Through the public relations media used in the competition
     • Promote product display to consumers through the exhibition area
     • Reinforcing the brand, sponsors of the competition through various media appearing in the competition activities